Yelling At Kids

Yelling At The Kids- 5 Reasons You Should Not.

Yelling At The Kids ? I am guilty as charged.
Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, its even more challenging for me on a minute to minute basis.
My kids are constantly walking on eggshells.
During my therapy, I was asked if I knew the effects of the constant yelling and anger that’s happening.
I obviously knew, but everyone needs a reminder now and then, don’t we?

Here are 5 Reasons why you shouldn't yell at your kids

1. It makes you look like a loose canon and the message doesn’t get across to your child.
2. You’re clearly out of control, but yelling doesn’t change anything either. And it frightens them, like when it used to frighten us as a child.
3. Yelling at your kids, makes them feel scared and insecure. It’s comes across too aggressive and intimidating.
4. An expression of anger, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want your child to pick that up. (Imagine your child, yelling when he/she is angry. What would you say to him/her in return?)
5. Yelling can induce long term effects. Low self- esteem, anxiety or increased aggression towards others are to name a few.
There are many more long term effects. Either way none of them are healthy or positive for you, your children and your family.


Yelling At The Kids and How You Can Cope.

Find yourself experiencing a similar situation?
Read on my next post to find out some ways that might be helpful during your yelling episode. HERE
How to manage your anger and ways you can cope daily.
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yelling at the kids
yelling at the kids
yelling at the kids
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