The Accidental Mommy

The Accidental Mommy And Unexpected Reality Of Becoming A Mother

Pregnancy Difficulties

Making a baby isn’t as easy as it sounds. Becoming a mother is tough.

Some people are able to reproduce as easily as bunnies, but for others, that’s not always the case. As for me, I was lucky that I was able to conceive with no issues.

However, it does not end there. Conceiving was just the beginning of my life-changing experience. Aside from the usual pregnancy discomforts, I struggled with my childhood and past trauma.

In the meanwhile, I’ve compiled a list of common pregnancy problems that you may have to experience when you are pregnant.

  • Feeling Very Hot
  • Constipation
  • Increase In Vaginal Discharge
  • Strange And Unexplainable Dreams
  • anxiety and confusion
  • hormonal changes
  • Feeling Excessively Tired

Most problems you face during pregnancy are, in fact, quite common. Of course, you should always consult your doctor whenever you experience any discomfort during pregnancy.

Coping With A Newborn – Parenting Boot Camp 101

You may be capable of reorganizing an entire office department by lunchtime, but when it comes to a newborn baby, be reduced to a gibbering wreck.

So if you’re still in your pyjamas by midday, and couldn’t conceive of popping out to the shops for milk, you’re not alone. But until you’ve experienced it, you won’t be able to fully understand how it really feels. The first few months are a torture. Newborn cries are so grating, their sleep so erratic, and breastfeeding so painful.

The other thing you must know, though, is that as bad as it gets, you’ll get through it.

(Just don’t be afraid to ask for help, especially if you suffer from post-partum depression.)

Surprise By Another Sibling Arrival

Is it too soon? Thoughts and questions flooded my mind. Another baby!! How wonderful! And terrifying.

Are we ready?  But this is great! We love babies! And we want a big family, so it was really just a matter of time. Right? Is it too soon?  How will I be a good, present mom to Isaac when I’m barely even coping?

Having a newborn and a toddler is a completely mind-blowing experience in every way, a once fairly easy day is blown apart and the family dynamic that you knew is completely changed.

The Accidental Mommy
The Accidental Mommy
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