sibling rivalry

Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry .Parents with more than 1 child will know the bitter truth hidden within the 4 walls at home.
Unspoken and many times left unaddressed.
I’ve got 3 kids. Age 6, 3 and 8 months old. There are days when they are the best-est of friends and on other days they fight non stop. Even over the slightest things. And that can drive us (parents) up the wall.

10 Ways To Manage It More Efficiently

The First 5 Ways

1. One on one uninterrupted time is extremely important. Spend an equivalent amount of time set aside for each child. And during that period, do things together with your child, focus on your child’s interest. In that way, they will know that it’s just about them.
2. Family bonding activities has helped me greatly. Whilst the squabbles are inevitable. You can make the effort to create more positive experience for your kids and family.
3. Help your child learn to manage their emotions. This is very helpful in many aspects. Managing your emotions is a skill we all need to practise.
4. Allocate separate playtime. Adults need time alone. What makes you think our little ones don’t need the same?
5. Having household ground rules is a great way for everyone in the household to know what is acceptable and what’s not.

Here Are 5 More Ways

6. Remind your kids on the options they have if they are feeling very frustrated with one another. It can be as simple as – if your little sibling is disturbing you, come and speak with mummy.
7. Have them to take part in the household chores together. So that they can be on the same theme to impress mom and dad. Positive parenting.
8. Intervene with your presence. Take time to hear what both child has to say. Children wants to be heard. And when they feel heard, they will be more receptive knowing that we understand.
9. Give them some space to try and work it out on their own.
10. Every child is different, we tend to forget that and might not realise that we are the ones who could be instigating the sibling rivalry.

In Conclusion

Most of the time, it is just the emotions that they struggle to manage.
 And that is okay. 
They are kids after all. 
And as long as it isn’t dangerous, we need to take a step back.
Look at the bigger picture.
Do not take sides.
You won’t be able to get rid or prevent the rivalry. 
But you can ensure that every child is heard and feels appreciated for who he is.

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Sibling Rivalry
Sibling Rivalry
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