Self Care Routine For Moms - My 5 Secrets 1

Moms Self Care Routine - My 5 Secrets

Self Care Routine .It’s not what you imagine it to be. A STAY AT HOME MOM, rarely has anytime for herself. Even a simple task as going to the bathroom, eating, and even showering is nearly impossible. It feels like forever since I had the life of being a woman.
You know the stuffs we do before becoming a mother, facials, conditioning and masking our hair. Taking time to do our nails, put on make up, and yeah that kinda stuff. At least, that’s the few things I had before becoming a mom today.
With 3 kids , up and about. I feel so old, time has passed. And often I feel so lonely and left out from society. I smell of sour milk, stains on my clothes, tons of kids stuff in my bag with crumbs inside.
Am I the only one?

Self Care Routine For Moms , Does It Even Exist ?

Here’s the good news, mom self care is possible with some routine in place. *My version of the routine, may not suit everyone* your self care routine has to be things that is meaningful for you.

Sleep and Naps

1. Sleep, before and after being a mom. I still love my sleeps and naps. And when I get enough rest, I kinda feel better. And I don’t snap at the kids that often.
Being diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder does not make it easy too. You can imagine how much time I actually spend in bed. And on some days, it takes everything I’ve got to get the simple chores done. So on most days I take a nap in the afternoon.

Food and More Food

2. Food, I love to eat almost everything. Some call it emotional eating? Heard of that? Yes, eating is one of my coping methods. Not exactly healthy. But I’m thankful my metabolism is high.
So lucky me. Getting comfort food in the day helps me. Sometimes I just drop everything at that moment to pop some sweets and chocolates. Savour the moment.

My Secret Hide Out "The Bathroom"

3. My secret hide out. I’ve got an 8 month old baby. And she is attached to me. In the bathroom I go, and there “the baby screams her head off” I actually counted how long it took before she reacts. If I’m lucky I get 7 minutes of peace in the bathroom.
Not exactly ideal, but I’ve learned to enjoy that 7 minutes. After which I’ll open the door have her seated outside in her jumper whilst I shower. *Not always successful* but at the very least, on some days she doesn’t give too much trouble. And ta-da I manage to have a nice bath with my hair all shampooed and conditioned

The Shift Never Ends - So Does Netflix

4. After the shift – there is no such thing as after the shift. If you’ve got kids, you’re constantly on the watch 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.
Well, we’ve got no help and I mean it. ZERO HELP from anyone. So that’s exactly what it’s like for us. I keep my fingers crossed, plug in my ear phones, play a game or watch Netflix.

The Secret Stash Of Junk

5. Back to food, whilst on Netflix I binge on junk as silent as a mouse. Getting out of reality and enjoying the moments of being me.

Its Possible To Have A Self Care Routine

There you go, that’s my self care routine. As a mom, I do feel abused of my human rights at times. Our basic needs are NOT met and yet we aren’t allowed to fuss about it. But you know what, I’ve learned to appreciate the simple things in life much more.
Lets put it this way – you can only give if you have your “jar” filled, and if your “jar” is empty. You’ll have nothing to give, and that would be destructive. You don’t want to get there – moms brain overloaded.
My self care routine is rather minimal and that’s fine with me. What’s yours like?
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