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Overcoming Fear - 6 Ways To Help Your Child Overcome Fear

Overcoming Fear is not taught in a classroom and most of the time even adults hide their fears. Its important for us parents to lookout for it and help our child IF NECESSARY to overcome their fears.
Some of us find their fears silly or irrational , but do not be too quick too judge.

Where Do We Even Start ?

So how can we help our child in overcoming their fears?
Your child might be afraid of the dark , an animal , monster under the bed or even water. The list of fears is endless.
Before you start panicking , do know that childhood fears are completely normal. Its part of their development.
Learning to deal with fear is an important life skill.
Your child will outgrow these fears in future.
There are ways to help them ease the transition as a parent.

6 Ways To Help Your Child To Overcome Fear

1. Be empathetic – The fear may seem irrational to you, yet it is very real to them. Be patient, and empathetic. Hear what they have to say and try to understand what is causing the fear.
2. Encourage them – For instance if they are afraid of the dark. Reassure them and let them know that you are there together with them.
3. Role Model – Does your child have a favourite superhero or cartoon character? You can use that as a reference or watch a topic related movie.
4. Reason it out – Childhood fears many a times are caused by imaginary perceptions. Talk to them about their fears and try to reason it out with them.
5. Make your child feel safe – Take baby steps with your child and you will be able to conquer them one at a time.
6. Lead by example – Be who you want your child to be. You are their role model, so it begins with you.

Journey of Patience and Tolerance

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t succeed in following the above 6 Ways. It takes time , a whole lot of it. Be patient with your child and yourself as a parent.
Its a journey for you and your child and before you know it , your child may even outgrow his/her fears.

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