Motherhood - The Workload That Drains Us Out

Feeling exhausted and nothing seems to be done. The to-do list in our head seems never-ending. Household chores, kids routine, family needs and wants. We (self-care) are never part of that list. With 2 kids and a baby is enough to suck out all your energy, needless to say, the dishes need to be washed, clothes need to be washed, hanged and folded. Working moms aren’t excluded. Having to ensure that bills are paid, sacrifices required of them to keep their job. A mom always seems to be underappreciated. The one thing I’ve learned is that as a mom we never stop trying. We are constantly battling it within ourselves day in and out. Read Also : Child’s Needs

What can we do to make ourselves feel better?

I can’t emphasize how important self-care is. It is only when we are recharged with our needs fulfilled. Are we able to be a happier mom? Don’t allow your mommy guilt to overtake your thoughts and guilt trip you. Self-care is because we love our family, and having self-care does not make you a lesser of a mom.

Motherhood 5 Self Care Tips

1. Add Me-Time into your daily routine

One of the ways to ensure that you can have some Me-Time is to wake up earlier, and enjoy that peaceful cup of coffee or take a 10-minute shower without having your toddler banging at the door. That helped me greatly.

2. Ask for help

Everyone needs help, and I mean EVERYONE. Do not be afraid. Take a break, get help from family and friends if you have. And for those who do not have any help, set a date and arrange for a nanny. Even if it’s for a few hours, whilst you take that long-awaited bath or even head out to get your nails done. After all, you’ve heard the saying “Look Good and Feel Good”

3. Run Errands Alone

I personally like this very much as it gives me time to recharge and yet not be caught up with mom guilt. Running errands alone without the kids is VERY, different. Being able to do 2 things at the same time makes me feel better both as a mom and me.

4. Take a stroll

Instead of having to rush off to fetch your kids from school, leave home slightly earlier. Have a drink and take a walk. Sometimes, taking a stroll alone is all we need. It also allows you to breathe fresh air and calm yourself down. People aren’t meant to be cooped out all day in the house. Trust me that 10 minutes can make a lot of difference. Take that space within our every day to pause and just breathe.

5. Prioritize Rest

Whether you’re a stay home mom or a working mom. Rest is often overlooked. At times exhaustion and getting burned out is out of our control. But there are also other times when we have a choice. Sometimes we just need to sleep for instance when the baby is napping. Instead of clearing the dishes and checking your emails. That shut-eye could have helped you feel physically and mentally.

In Conclusion

Many times we look at social media and start comparing ourselves to other moms only to end up feeling inadequate. Motherhood is not a competition, motherhood does not affect you alone. It involves and affects everyone in the household. Motherhood is an experience and journey which can be beautiful, and lonely at the same time. And if all else fails, gather your kids and husband. Hide under the blankets, grab your snacks and watch a movie. Sometimes, we are moms and we need to learn to let it go.
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