Kids Mobile Device

Kids Mobile Device. Should they be given one?

Its the weekend and you have no idea, no plans and no way to keep your kids occupied.

What will be the easiest solution ? Give them a phone, Ipad or Tablet of course.

They will be glued and be occupied for hours.

But are we really that type of parents? OF COURSE NOT.

Do we do it? I am sure we were once guilty of it or still using it as a means to keep our kids occupied.

So When Should We Give The Kids Mobile Device?

Short Answer will be NEVER. Not until they are in high school or able to afford it on their own. But that is just me and my kids.

Like many other parents out there today, I was once guilty of giving my child a mobile device.

The boy will be glued to his tablet for hours thus giving me the opportunity to be free from “parenting”.

Let’s all admit it, parenting is the worst full-time job out there. While there are many perks and joy to be a parent, its the most demanding job on planet earth.

Even the best of parents require a break sometimes from their children

What Do We Do When We Need A Break From The Kids ? Give Them A Mobile Device Of Course.

From Thomas & Friends to Paw Patrol and countless activity apps, our child will give us that space we need.   But are we going raise our child that way?

Whatever happened to the good ole talks? Baking together? Trips to the playground? Or even doing errands together?

 Our parents brought us up without mobile devices and we turned out fine.  

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against Technology or anything. But its about time we parents realise that we need to use technology in a wise way.    

Some Reasons Why Parents Might Give Their Kids Mobile Devices.

  1. It’s rare to find homes with landlines let alone public telephone booths.
  2. Some parents feel the need to provide mobile devices for their kids as a mode to ease communication.
  3. Weekend with grandparents who do not have a phone.
  4. Letting a child know who will be picking them up from school.
  5. Kids who travel alone to school.
  6. As a form of monitoring your child’s whereabouts. ( yes we know some parents do that and that is ok, thank you shared location 😛 )

While the above reasons are valid and relevant in today’s world, we as parent tend to “rely” on mobile devices for some other negative reasons.

Let’s not make a list here and just reflect silently as you are reading this.

There are both pros and cons to giving your child a device, ultimately we as the parents should constantly keep ourselves in check to ensure that it used for the right reasons.

Need To Give Your Child A Mobile Device? Here Are Some Options To Consider.

  1. Are your kids ready for a smartphone? First, are they responsible enough to take care of one?
  2. Are there any other options available aside from a mobile device, what about a smartwatch instead?
  3. If a parent decides their child is ready, the next step, experts say, would be to give them some “cyber” guides, teaching them about things such as bullying the permanence of what they post and stranger danger online.
  4.  A NO-FRILLS MODEL You don’t have to splash out on the latest expensive or fancy smartphone – give her your old one or buy one of the cheaper, simpler models.
  5. A prepaid plan will give you better control over your child’s mobile Internet and phone usage.
  6. Once you’ve decided on the rules, discuss them with your child to make sure she understands what she can and cannot do with the phone, when, where and how often she is allowed to use it.

Ultimately, you may feel like your child will never be ready for a phone, or you wish you could avoid ever giving them one. (I am definitely in the latter category!) But we need to let them have them eventually. The question is ”Now or Later?”

LAST BUT NOT LEAST (Highly Valuable Information)

After planning, discussing and finally agreeing to let your child have that phone. If you ever find them using excessively at home, just unplug your router.

No WIFI for everyone including YOU.

Go back to basics and be a family again without all the devices. 😛 xoxo

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