Integrate The Family

Integrate The Family - How to Create a Routine

Integrate The Family. What does it mean to us?
Having an integrated routine.
In order for you to be able to have a routine, you need to know what you want for the family.
By doing this, it lessens the “disorder or chaos” happening in a home where everyone is busy and nothing gets done.

Start Planning Here

1. Sit down and think through what your day is generally like.
2. Discuss the things you want to do with your spouse.Do not forget to ask your kids or other family members too . Everyone living under the same roof matters.
3. List down the ideal routine step by step. This helps to break it down and easier for other family members to understand.
4. Try the routine for a week and see if it works. Expect hiccups and also it will not always go according to plan in the beginning.
5. Review it after a week together with your spouse and your children(if they are old enough) and see how it went for you. Otherwise amend it and tweak it again.

My 3 Tips To Integrate The Family

I’ll like to share with you a 3 tips that helped me as a child and a parent myself now.

Timetable/ Roster /Schedule (You Can Call it Anything You Want)

1. We had a timetable in the house. Which indicates things like, washing of bed sheets, cleaning of the windows. Heavy duty stuff.
Unless you are an OCD person like me , you might want to schedule days for washing of bed sheets and pillow cases.
A schedule for whose turn it is to clean the windows or the shelves.
It may seem silly at first , but take it from me. Such trivial matters are often overlooked in a household.
Once the “system” is running , everyone will always have fresh sheets and be in a cleaner home.

Menu /Meal Schedule For The Week

2. A meal schedule is a must. In that way I don’t need to be thinking what I am going to be cooking for that day.
Having Bipolar Disorder too doesn’t help me. There are days where i have little to no energy.
By planning a meal schedule, it means I can use my energy elsewhere and not worry about what to cook today.

Poster /Diagrams /Info Board

3. A poster for the children. Children are visual and audio learners. It makes it easier for them to be receptive. I keep it short and simple. Listing only the non-negotiable.
This also prevents us from nagging always at our children. Nobody likes too nag and its worse for our children at the receiving end.

That Is All . No Complicated Formulas or Rocket Science.

It’s as simple as that, it takes effort and discipline to plan it out and stick through it. If you’re someone who usually struggles with a routine. Start slow, and take smaller steps. A routine should make it easier and not the other way.
Consistency is the key to success.

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