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Free Downloads from Family Rys. All learning activities and materials listed here are FREE for downloads and PERSONAL USE ONLY. No Account registration needed. Home School Resources and more for your Young Explorers !

If you would like to request for a specific subject or topic which is not listed below do leave us a comment . We will do our best to create the template for FREE and make it available for everyone to download.

This PAGE IS UPDATED DAILY so be sure to bookmark it and keep checking for updates for new learning activities and materials.

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Table of Contents


Free Downloads 3
Guess The Shape
Trace The Lines
Numbers Tracing
Learn To Write
Count In 3s
Complete The Spelling
Circle The Letter P
Circle The Letter D
Circle The Letter B
Circle The Letter Q
ABC Tracing
Connect The Dots Bird
Match The Fruits
Match The Vegetables
Count And Trace
Count The Dinosaurs
Count The Fishes
count the total
I Can Subtract
Odd and Even Numbers

More Free Downloads

Draw The Clock Hands
Missing Numbers
numbers 1-5
numbers 6-10
Animal Kingdom
Colours Tracing
Days Of The Week
Find The Treasure Box
Missing Vowels
Months Of The Year
I Am Grateful For

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