family routine

Family Routine , Kids Routine, Moms Routine.

Family routine help the entire family get through the days with minimal disturbance. A good routine encourages and allows bonding time. Every family has their own set of routines. 

Here are some Family Routine ideas, involving both daily and weekly routines.

  1. Morning household chores
  2. Meal time preparation. You can take turns, so that everyone has a part to play. 
  3. Washing the dishes
  4. Catching a movie of a weekend as a family
  5. Outdoor sessions in the evenings 
  6. Bath time
  7. Brushing your teeth
  8. Taking out the trash
  9. Story time 
  10. Bedtime routines

In Conclusion

These are 10 things we have in our household. In general, it helps everyone to know what time expect. Predictable and organised families are more stable. And the routine should be beneficial not just for the kids, but for everyone in the household, even your pets, that’s if you have any. 

Routines take time and effort. But in the long run they are more beneficial. It minimizes the disputes too. And when it gets too busy, routines help to reduce the stress. 

Do you have a family routine?

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