Disciplining Your Child Is Not About Punishment 1

Disciplining Your Child The Old School Way

The old school method. Caning? You’ve got to be old enough to know what that is. 
My thought is this – if adults are not canned when we do something wrong, why should this even be a method used on kids. And that’s called disciplining?
We have to remember to treat others, whether it’s your child, family member, co worker or spouse. As the saying goes, treat others how you want to be treated.

Alternative Ideas to Disciplining Your Child

Here are some ideas and alternatives you might want to consider and see which works best for you and your child. With that said, children need consistency. So discipline is very much inline with consistency.

Ages 0-2
1. Explain calmly and in a firm tone “NO”.
2. If it’s possible try to ensure that dangerous items are out of your babies reach.
3. Distract him/her with an appropriate toy.
Yelling, screaming and shouting does not work for a baby. The purpose for the intervene and discipline is to teach your child, not to instil fear. Teaching goes a long way.

Have An Older Child ?

Ages 3-5
1. Communication is very important. Start early. Your child is smarter then you know. Communicate the rules. Keep it short and simple.
2. Always explain and let your child know what is expected out of them. Keep your instructions age appropriate – I know how frustrating this can be. And it’s not always that we have the patience for it. Do your best?
3. If your child continues the unwanted behaviour. Do not lose your temper. If I’m too angry, I’ll try my very best to walk away for that moment. Return and call your child to a quiet space. Speak to your child and explain it again.

Disciplining Your Child Is Not About Punishment There Is More

Discipline isn’t just about punishing. Reinforcing of good and positive behaviour are equally important.
Pay equal attention to positive behaviour and not amplify his/her misbehaviour . In that way, there is a balance.
Always be specific in your explanation and praises. For some ideas on what to say you can read them here –Child’s Love Language
Disciplining Your Child Is Not About Punishment 2
Disciplining Your Child Is Not About Punishment 3
Disciplining Your Child Is Not About Punishment 4
Disciplining Your Child Is Not About Punishment 5

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