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Couple's Routine After Having A Kid- 3 Simple Hacks

Couple’s Routine? Is it even possible ?
Remember the days when you got hitched? The excitement to be with each other. Look ahead, 5 years later or now. Is it still the same?
Marriages and relationships don’t die off, they need constant effort to make it work. Effort is a must to spice it all up.
“Starting the marriage has never been the issue maintaining it is key.”
On most nights do you spend time talking to your spouse before going to bed, or are you looking at your phone?

It All Starts With Complacency

Yes I know work it tough , keeping the house in order is challenging too. Having a kid or toddler “wrecking” the house doesn’t make things easier too.
It might have started without you or your partner realising. Spending quality time together is no longer your top priority.
Most of us if not all have been down that road.
We have no energy left for our partner neither do we have any for our self.
But that shouldn’t place your couple time on hold right? I mean, shouldn’t your partner be a priority too?

Importance Of Couple's Routine

Here are some examples why Couple’s Routine is important in every relationship-
1. Improve communication
2. Spending time together and “detaching” oneself from daily stress
3. Strengthening Bond and Rekindling Romance
4. Assurance and commitment to one another

Do You Want To Make it "Spicy" Again?

If yes, you’re like many of us then take a look at a few working routine hacks that could come in handy.

Bedtime Routine

1. Set a bedtime routine and a specific time. No phones , No Ipads and No Devices.
During that period, even if you’ve nothing to say. Cuddle and lay on the moment hearing your partner’s heartbeat.
In simple words, be in that moment and focus on your partner.

Meal Times

2. Arrange for meal times together, no matter how busy you are. It need not be dinner.
It could be breakfast while your kid is in childcare. During Lunch breaks if your workplace is near your home. And of course dinner ( late dinner if you have to put the kid to bed first )
You can slot in at least once a week? If date night outside is too expensive and time consuming , do it at home.
Only you and your partner.


3. The power of love – SEX. Sex shouldn’t be looked upon as a chore or duty and obligation.
It should be exciting for the both of you. Some might prefer a spontaneous approach, and others might want something more scheduled.
In that sense, you can look forward to it. Either ways, sex is a way to bring the both of you closer together physically and mentally. It’s YOUR secret moments with each other.
The benefits of sex is way too much. I will cover it in depth in future post.

Practice and Keep On Tweaking

Be amaze at how a couples’s routine can actually save you a lot of time.
Unnecessary conflicts and arguments will be lessen. It can also act as a healthy boundaries in your relationship.
At the end of the day, always remember why you are doing it. Keep the happiness and joy close to your heart.
I hope this 3 Simple Hacks can help “repair” or strengthen your relationship with your partner.
Always remember any relationships or marriages is hard work. Give the couple’s routine a try.

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