Dont Forget To Say I Love You

I Love You

I Love You Don’t hesitate to say I Love You to your child, it is very important to your child. Some people say that “love” is not a single word, but it must be expressed by action. Actually love requires action and expression. Everyone needs to be loved by others and desires to know that they are loved …

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Manners and Respect

Manners And Respect

Manners and Respect Manners and Respect.In recent years, there have been many complaints about children, teenagers and even adults that are deemed rude or self-entitled. For instance, the person who refuses to give up a seat for someone who requires it more, or that ridiculous person who walks in first into the lift and walks …

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Children Are Like Dogs

Children are like DOGS!

Children are like DOGS! When I was a dog handler/trainer, there were many interesting ideas that I learned to bring up my child. This article shares success in dog training and application to teaching lessons to children. Dog Training Dog training at the face value is about discipline, accuracy and behaviours. We have a set …

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